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Thursday, 26 April 2012

LS_COLORS, vi and PuTTY tips please

Hi all,

Am using PuTTY with mRemote when connecting to my servers.

I have different background for each of the type of servers and I group them as DEV, TEST, QUAL, PROD and SA. So PROD has white background, SA have blue, DEV has black and so on.

Problem is with a white background, running man commands hides some of the options that you will normally see when you have a black background. Worse is on a blue background, running ls, I can barely see the directories 'coz they are configured as blue as well. Even on a black background, the blue is barely visible. When running vim, I can hardly see the comments at all :(-

Does anyone have any tricks that I can use so that I can change the colors on the fly depending on the background that I am currently using, both for the LS_COLORS and vim?

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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