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Monday, 7 May 2012

Advice on what to use for PayPal interaction & mysql access based on payment.

Hello group,

Just asking for a bit of advice. I am looking for a way to manage user login security access to data. Right now my go to app is PHPMaker which I am pretty happy with being a novice as it is GUI based and you need little coding experience to get things done. Unfortunately it does not offer enough flexibility for what I need. I saw Navicat and don't know if that is a bit more liberal. My fear is to have to write custom code all the way. I did have a developer license for DBQwik but those guys seem out to lunch even thought the website is there.

In short I have a huge song list that I want subscribers to be able to look at depending on the music type they subscribe to. They should not see any other category of songs other than what they subscribe to even though the master database includes all categories. They should only see what they subscribe to. The problem is that one user may have an overlapping category as well as different category types that they subscribe to so I cannot just designate a category to just one user. It's like I need to allow multiple users at the field level.

Sorry if I'm not describing that right.




 User 1:


Rock, Reggae, Punk




 User 2:


 Reggae, Classic Rock, 50's, 50's

So then as you see from above both users would have access to all the songs in the Reggae Category but the other categories would be different. PHPMaker does not offer this kind of flexibility. I don't know if Navicat does or another Rapid Applications Development Tool.

In a perfect world I would also like to work with a RAD package that interacts with PayPal for subscriptions so that a user could pay for access for music types that they want then immediately have access without administrative setup. That is asking a lot for a package but I don't know if there is such an animal out there and for reasonable $$$.

I am at ground zero here and just reaching out to the group for some ideas as I don't really know what is available or the class app I am looking for really (Ex: query builder, design tool, etc.). I also wanted to mention "PayPal Shop" but I don't think that quite hits the mark. I saw some scripts out there in shell languages that seem to allow interaction with PayPal but again I would rather do this with some sort of a GUI based RAD software.

Echo "Any ideas welcome"

Thanks in advance for any replies!


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