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Monday, 7 May 2012

grep - Extracting multiple key words from stdout


From command line, the command zypper info nxclient

return a bloc of data :


linux local # zypper info nxclient

Loading repository data...

Reading installed packages...

Information for package nxclient:

Repository: zypper_local

Name: nxclient

Version: 3.5.0-7

Arch: x86_64

Vendor: NoMachine

Installed: No

Status: not installed

Installed Size: 10.3 MiB

Summary: NX Client


NoMachine NX is a fast and scalable terminal server system based on the

X11 protocol. NX lets you work fluently even across slow links like modems

and provides a full set of administration tools that make it a complete

desktop virtualization solution for your organization.

This package contains the graphical front-end used to access X, RDP and RFB

sessions on a remote NX Server. It also includes NX X compression libraries

and utilities needed by both NX Client and Server.


nx-X11: 3.5.0-1

nxauth: 3.5.0-1

nxwin:  3.5.0-2

nxssh:  3.5.0-2

nxcomp: 3.5.0-2

nxesd:  3.5.0-2

nxkill: 3.5.0-1

nxservice: 3.5.0-2

nxcompsh: 3.5.0-1

nx-X11-compat: 3.5.0-1

linux-srv:/local/install_from_local #

How to code a function which return true if the bloc of data contains some specific values.

something like :




function my_filter() {

if Repository = zypper_local then
if Installed = No then

if Status = not installed then

my_filter = "TRUE"






zypper info nxclient > file_temp.text

if my_filter(file_temp.txt) = true then
install it


# end

I look for a better solution that reading "file_temp.text" 3 times and looking for each parameter :


result=${ command | grep para1 para2 para3 )

if $result=true then



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