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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Issue with Ns2.29


I am a beginner in Ns2 .

I'am trying to run the example attached bu I have this errors :


Simulation is running ... please wait ...

can't read "Node_(7)": no such element in array

    while executing

"return $Node_($id)"

    (procedure "_o3" line 3)

    (Simulator get-node-by-id line 3)

    invoked from within

"$self get-node-by-id [lindex $L 0]"

    (procedure "_o3" line 14)

    (Simulator compute-hier-routes line 14)

    invoked from within

"$self compute-hier-routes "

    invoked from within

"if [Simulator hier-addr?] {

$self compute-hier-routes

} else {

$self compute-flat-routes


    (procedure "_o3" line 2)

    (Simulator compute-routes line 2)

    invoked from within

"[Simulator instance] compute-routes"

    (procedure "Agent/rtProto/Static" line 2)

    (Agent/rtProto/Static init-all line 2)

    invoked from within

"Agent/rtProto/Static init-all"

    invoked from within

"if [info exists rtprotos_] {

foreach proto [array names rtprotos_] {

eval Agent/rtProto/$proto init-all $rtprotos_($proto)


} else {


    (procedure "_o122" line 3)

    (RouteLogic configure line 3)

    invoked from within

"[$self get-routelogic] configure"

    (procedure "_o3" line 5)

    (Simulator run line 5)

    invoked from within

"$ns run"

Can you help me please?

Moderator's Comments:

Code tags for code, please. Also, no netspeak.

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